Strong representation by TPCCA students at The 2017 Royal Academy of Dance Isobel Anderson Awards

11 students from the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy (TPCCA) were selected this year as Finalists in the RAD Isobel Anderson and Joan & Monica Halliday Awards. This year saw a record number of entrants for this competition – over 500 in total from accross NSW.


TPCCA was represented accross many levels in the Finals from Grace 3 through to the most senior Award level being Advanced 1. In the Advanced 1 Award level, TPCCA students represented 3 out of the 5 Finalists.


We congratulate our Awards recipients and Finalists:


Grade 3

Mia Atkinson – Winner of the Grade 3 Isobel Anderson Award

Hannah McElligot – Finalist


Grade 5

Angus McLachlan – Finalist

Lucy Kaplan – Finalist



Max Herrenge – Finalist

Licoln Sharp – Finalist

Kelly Keesing – Finalist


Advanced Foundation

Audrey Freeman – Finalist & Recipient of the BLOCH Award


Advanced 1

Sophie Smith – Winner of the Advanced 1 Award & The Martin Rubenstein Award

Rose Dalton – Finalist & Recipient of the BLOCH Award

Isaac Shaw – Finalist