Tanya Pearson’s Limber, Stretch & Conditioning program

After the tremendous popularity and success of the first Limber Stretch & Conditioning DVD, Tanya Pearson has now released her new updated program containing many new exercises that she has perfected over recent years.

It is now presented in a non-stop class format so that teachers or students can follow the DVD and experience the program from start to finish. At the end of the class Tanya Pearson provides some detailed instructions and insight into some of the exercises with students demonstrating the right and wrong way of doing the exercises.

The DVD features some of her recent talented graduates including Amelia Baxter, Elliot Bourke, Emma Dulvey, Tiffany Jones, Evan Loudon, Shayarne Matheson, Annabelle Miranda, Emily Smith, Rachael Thompson, Zoe Roberts, Phoebe Warlow and Hannah Sofo.

The exercises and routines demonstrated in the video are proven to

  • enhance flexibility improve Mind and Body co-ordination,
  • increase strength through correct placement,
  • minimize injuries,
  • enhance performance.

This easy to follow DVD has proven to be the most popular of Tanya Pearson’s DVD’s for both teachers and students. It is ideal not only for the semi professional dancer but also for the younger student.

Tanya Pearson begins her Limber Stretch Conditioning Program with students as young as 9 or 10 and continues the program her full time students who apply it on a daily basis.

Price:  $54 AUD (plus $5 postage and handling)