Perfection Through Correction

Tanya Pearson’s new video release ‘Perfection through Correction’ is based on some of Mrs Pearson’s coaching exercises, developed over many years of coaching students of varying ages.

These exercises help correct and improve the following:

  1. Emphasis on a strong posture, and maintaining a long free spine
  2. Strengthens and improves equal rotation on supporting leg
  3. Encourages fluidity and breathing in adage
  4. Improves rhythm in pirouettes
  5. Helpful exercises to improve floor pressure in allegro work
  6. Co-ordination of arms and port-de-bras in Grande Allegro.

The DVD also features two Principal dancers of The Australian Ballet- Lucinda Dunn and Robert Curran, during rehearsals with Artistic director David McAllister. They are rehearsing in a pas-de-deux “La Favourita”, choreographed by Petal Miller-Ashmole. Included are some wonderful performance excerpts, of the mentioned artists, featuring in a Gala performance.

Price:  $54 AUD (plus $5 postage and handling)