The Art of Teaching Boys & Pas de Deux

“The Art of Teaching Boys and Pas de Deux” features students of varying ages receiving coaching and instructions on Pas de Deux techniques by Mark Reily (a Senior Faculty Member at TPCCA and Director of The DanceSpot, Sydney) and also features more advanced level students being coached by Guest teacher Mr Oliver Matz – Director of the Tanz Akademie, Zurich.

It shows how “pas de deux” technique can be introduced from a young age and the different methods of teaching and applying at different levels.

The DVD demonstrates a boys-only class by one of the world’s leading teachers – Mr Oliver Matz, who is renowned for his ability to train and coach male students.

The DVD also features inspiring footage of Prof Steffi Scherzer and Oliver Matz demonstrating exceptional Pas de Deux technique (both former Principals of the Berlin Staats Opera Company).

The DVD is useful for both students and teachers.

Price:  $54 AUD (plus $5 postage and handling)