The Art of The Port de Bras

‘The Art of the Port de Bras Video’  is an excellent tool for dancers, students and teachers that assists greatly in;

  • Releasing tension in the neck and shoulder girdle,
  • Enhancing musicality & breathing,
  • Improving eye-line focus
  • Enhancing breadth in upper spine,
  • Promoting a more expressive dancer, and
  • Enhancing artistry and communication.

Tanya Pearson articulates the importance of the ‘Port de Bras’ and the critical difference this can make to a dancer’s development. The DVD provides clear and concise explanations and exercises that are demonstrated by dancers of varying ages, including the principal artist with The Australian Ballet – Lucinda Dunn.

“I can only applaud the focus that this video gives to the art of the port de bras – such an important aspect of classical dance. The correct application of the carriage of the arms gives elegance and artistry to all movements, in addition to the assistance and impetus that will aid in the technical execution of steps.

Tanya Pearson has a wonderful ability to inspire quality of movement and fluid, expressive port de bras. I am confident that this video will be of great benefit to both students and teachers of classical ballet.”
Gailene Stock AM
Director – The Royal Ballet School, London.

“In this beautiful instructional video, the articulate and knowledgeable Tanya Pearson, reveals the art of the port de bras. The production values are excellent with a particularly exciting and colourful opening. Mrs. Pearson’s vast vocabulary of visualisation helps you apply, with a greater understanding, the proper execution of the port de bras. This is one of the finest training videos I have ever viewed.”
Jodi Rose
Editor – The Dancers Newsletter, Australia

Price:  $54 AUD (plus $5 postage and handling)