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Full Time Academy Overview

Tanya Pearson’s is a selective Academy under the Artistic Direction of Lucinda Dunn OAM, founded on the traditions and purity of classical ballet technique and artistry. Our highly experienced faculty provide a caring and nurturing environment and are committed to the ongoing development of dancers towards a professional career.

The Academy offers one of Australia’s longest running full time ballet programs with a strong national and international reputation for its quality of training and its students success rate.

The success of the Full Time program is founded on the hands-on direction and guidance of its Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn, plus its large faculty of highly experienced and renowned teachers.

The Academy has an extensive history and track record of placing students into the leading selective schools throughout the world, as well as directly into Company employment.

Graduates in the past 12 months have successfully gained places into:

The Australian Ballet Company

WA Ballet Company

Melbourne City Ballet

Ballett Akademie Munich

English National Ballet School

Hamburg Ballet Academy

Houston Ballet Academy

John Cranko School Stuttgart

Palucca Schule Dresden

Royal Conservatoire of The Hague

San Franscisco Ballet School

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Full Time Classical Ballet Program and Full Time Dancers Programs are modelled on international standards of teaching and curriculum to ensure students are trained to highest standard of training, maximising on opportunities for a professional career in dance.

Full Time Classical Ballet Program

The Tanya Pearson Academy runs a successful Full Time Classical Ballet Program (ranging from 1 to 4 years) providing specialised coaching for dedicated and talented students wishing to pursue a professional career in classical ballet. Many of the Academy’s students have gained success in world competitions such as the Prix de Lausanne, Genee International Ballet Competition and Youth America Grand Prix.

Recent successes have included

2016 Genee GOLD Medallist,

5 Finalists selected for the YAGP New York Finals,

Finalist and Runner Up in the 2017 AHA Awards NZ,

Winner of the 2017 AICD Houston Ballet Scholarship

4 Semi Finalists and 3 Finalists in the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Senior Classical Ballet Scholarship

Winner of the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Robert & Elizabeth Albert Ballet Scholarship

2017 Graduates have all been offered places and scholarships to the worlds leading international ballet Selective Ballet Schools.

Full Time Classical Ballet Program

Course content:  Classical ballet (RAD, Cecchetti Vaganova), Open classes, Character, Pas de Deux, Contemporary, Pointe classes, Boys Coaching program, Repertoire, Variations, Dance history, Anatomy, Dance psychology, Health and Nutrition, Pilates, Limber/Stretch and Conditioning, Private coaching for competitions, Progressing Ballet Technique, Audition preparation and Career Planning, Yoga.

The Full Time Dancers Program

The Academy has launched it’s new Full Time Dancers Program based on industry demands and opportunities. This program is designed specifically for students suited a professional career in the classical/neo classical and contemporary ballet companies. The Dancers Program remains fundamentally based on the solid classical ballet training and pointe work, providing students with great exposure to and coaching in the current contemporary techniques and skills, improvisation and choreography. Students in the Dancers program work with industry experts in the neo classical and contemporary dance space. They receive the training and coaching required to facilitate the ‘versatile’ dancers that current Directors are seeking – dancers that are equally as strong in classical ballet and contemporary ballet technique.

The Dancers Program course content:  Classical ballet, Open classes, Pointe classes, Pas de deux, Contemporary, Improvisation, Jazz, Yoga, Musical Theatre, Choreography, Repertoire, Dance history, Anatomy, Dance psychology, Health and Nutrition, Pilates, Limber/Stretch and Conditioning, Progressing Ballet Technique, Audition preparation and Career Planning.

NEW Full Time Cygnet Program

A 1-2 year full time program tailored to the younger full time student, keeping in mind their physical and emotional readiness for full time training. This 5 day a week program offers classical ballet, pointe, repertoire, variations, contemporary, character, pilates, RAD Syllabus classes and increased time for on-site academic studies.

The 5 days a week program is designed to include all their training and rad syllabus classes into the day-time (9am – 4pm), allowing time during the day for their academic studies which is facilitated onsite by our Academic Tutoring Company.


Full Time Senior Transition Program

This Senior Transition Course provides the opportunity for a young talented students to undertake training and coaching with our esteemed Full Time faculty, under the direction of Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn. It is designed to expose young dancers who demonstrate talent and potential for classical ballet, to the rigours of full time training whilst being sensitive to the students age, growing bodies as well as the importance of maintaining their regular academic studies.

The Transition course is offered after school hours (Wednesdays in 2017) and encompasses Classical Technique Classes, Pointe Classes, and Contemporary.

The Transition program is designed as a full year program, however younger students may be required to attend 2 years of the Transition program before being eligible to audition for the Full Time Course.

Transition Students are formally assessed twice a year by Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn and the Transition Course faculty. Students are marked on their progress and achievement in the following areas: Classical Technique, Contemporary Technique, Pointe Work (girls), Contemporary. In addition, students are assessed and graded on their physical condition, artistry, flexibility, turnout and use of it. Students are graded from 1-5 in each of these areas and a formal assessment report is provided to students.

Transition Students have the opportunity to attend Full Time classes from time to time throughout the year. Transition Students are offered the opportunity to feature in the annual Academy Concert as well as invited to perform with the Academy’s Full Time students in the Sydney City Youth Ballet annual productions.

2017 Senior Transition Program – Wednesdays

4.30-6.00pm Classical Class

6.00-6.45pm Pointe Class

7.00-8.15pm Contemporary Class

Academic Studies

Full Time students at the Tanya Pearson Academy continue their academic studies through the Department of Distance Education. A variety of Distance Education programs are available to students from various states throughout Australia and we can assist in providing information on these various options depending on the students individual requirements.

The Academy provides onsight tutoring for all academic subjects in a one-on-one capacity or in group sessions. This service is provided through the Student Tutor Network. More information about this service can be found at http://www.centralcoaststudenttutors.com.au/

Lecture Series

The Tanya Pearson Academy works engages industry experts to facilitate comprehensive lectures series covering:

Anatomy (http://www.kineticaphysiotherapy.com.au/about-us/),

Nutrition (Body Fusion – http://bodyfusion.com.au/)

Dance Education.

On-sight Physiotherapists

Our on-sight physiotherapists (Kinetica Physiotherapy) are accessible to our students 6 days a week and provide regular monitoring and supervision of injuries, body maintenance and rehabilitation.

Kinetica understand the child, teenage and adult dancing body. They analyse a dancers load, understand how to modify or recommend modified dancing activities when recovering from injuries. Kinetica work daily with the Tanya Pearson Academy teachers to ensure that students dancing as they recover from injuries. They provide dance-specific exercises that reflect the best research, involve appropriate liaison with your dance teachers and are appropriate to your dance training and maximise your dance potential. kineticaphysiotherapy.com.au

Acceptance into our Full Time Courses is by Audition only. Please email [email protected] to receive further information and Audition requirements for the Full Time Dancers Course.

Please refer to our Forms & Schedule page.

2017 Full Time Student Janae Kerr. Accepted into the Ballett Akademie Munich. Finalist in the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Senior Ballet Scholarship