Australian ballerina Lucinda Dunn gives up the stage to teach the next generation

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by Nicole Chettle, ABC News.  25 Jan 2015

One of Australia’s best-loved ballerinas is returning to the school where her career began to lead the next generation of aspiring dancers.

Lucinda Dunn, who received a 10 minute standing ovation during her final curtain call at the Sydney Opera House last year, has hung up her tutu and taken on a teaching role to become the artistic director of the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy and the Sydney City Youth Ballet.

“I only stepped off stage last year [and] I feel very relieved and very satisfied,” Ms Dunn said.

“And I’m very proud of the career that I had.”

After 23 years at the Australian Ballet, Ms Dunn said she no longer craved the spotlight.

“But I’ve still got my shoes on and my leotard on and I’m demonstrating and showing these dancers some techniques and some style of things that I’ve learnt through my career.”

The school she has joined has produced professional dancers who perform in dozens of companies around the world.


Its founder, Tanya Pearson, has scaled back her responsibilities after 50 years of teaching.

Was she reluctant to hand over control? “Not to Lucy,” the 77-year-old Ms Pearson said.

“I’m not completely reign-free. I still took two coaching sessions this year.

“But she can demonstrate whereas I can’t anymore. It’s very special.”

Ms Dunn was a student at the school from the age of 13. At the age of 15, she won the prestigious Prix de Lausannewhich has launched many ballet careers.

Olivia Betteridge, 15, said she aimed to follow in Ms Dunn’s footsteps, and flew to Switzerland to compete in the international competition in February.

On the day she flew out, the teenager was sweating it out in the studio with her mentor.

“It’s really fantastic. She’s such a role model and she also gives a good perspective on the performance element of dancing which I really find helpful,” Olivia said.

Discipline the key for Dunn’s students

Ms Dunn said she was passionate about providing quality coaching in Sydney, so that promising students do not have to venture interstate or overseas.

“If you can be close to home and have wonderful training that is invaluable – not leaving your family at the age of 14 or 15,” she said.

“It’s very traumatic for some people, especially going to the other side of the world.

“Then to have the Australian companies take on these students is something I’d like to see more of.

“I’m a big advocate of the Australian Ballet. That’s where I spent most of my life, I have to say.

“Queensland Ballet is a really wonderful company and it’s really expanding. The repertoire that they’re bringing is very, very exciting for Australia.”


ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN for 2015 classes.

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TPCCA has secured additional studio space enabling the Academy to offer more classes and improvements to our Full Time and Part Time Courses.

NEW CLASSES offered in the Part Time School include: Open Class with Lucinda Dunn, CHARACTER for Junior and Senior Levels with Mr Mark Dubovsky, ADULT BALLET CLASSES with Kristina Wallbank Hutton plus RAD Grade & Vocational Level classes from Pre Primary through to Advanced II.


CHARACTER DANCING with Mr Mark Dubovsky

Character Dance has a strong tradition and history with TPCCA. Mrs Mark Dubovsky and Ms Rita Dubovsky introduced their amazing Character classes to Tanya Pearson in the 1970’s and the Academy has greatly value these classes and style of teaching every since. Drawing on a strong basic classical ballet technique, these classes introduce students to various styles of character dancing as well as a rich history of Character dancing, geography and choreography. From these classes students will gain not only a tremendous sense of history and culture. Character dancing also enhances a students dynamics, allegro and musicality. TPCCA Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn began Character classes with Ms Rita and Mr Mark Dubovsky as a young student and highly values the importance benefits gained from this style of dance.


ADULT BALLET CLASSES 2015 with Kristina Wallbank Hutton

Adults Beginners Ballet Wednesdays 5.00-6.00pm

This level is designed for those with only a little formal ballet training. No previous experience is necessary. The class will introduce you to the basic fundamentals of ballet and cover positions, basic ballet technique, correct posture and placement, coordination. The class will cover all elements of a basic ballet class including barre and centre work. This class will improve your core strength, flexibility, stamina and muscle tone plus be fun at the same time.


Adults Intermediate Ballet Class Wednesdays 6.00-7.00pm 

This class is designed for individuals with some prior history of ballet training and a strong basic level of competence as well as understanding of ballet terminology, positions and exercises. This complete class will cover all elements of a ballet class from barre work to centre work, allegro, turns.


Adults Advanced Ballet Class Wednesdays 7.00-8.00pm 

This class is designed for those with former Advanced level or full time ballet training or prior professional dancing experience. This complete class will cover all elements of a ballet class from barre work to centre work, allegro, turns.


Email [email protected] for any further information.




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Enrolments now open for the TPCCA January JUNIOR and SENIOR Summer Schools with new Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn OAM and TPCCA Founder and Director Tanya Pearson OAM.




for RAD Grades 1 levels upwards

With Lucinda Dunn OAM, Kellie Conolly, Olivia Ansell, Mark Dubovsky, Catherine Edwards, Kim Traynor.

Classes in RAD Syllabus, Open Classes, Repertoire, Stage Skills, Character, Limber Stretch and Conditioning.

Enrolment Form here: TPCCA Junior Summer School 2015





For Intermediate and Advanced Level students

With Tanya Pearson OAM, Lucinda Dunn OAM, Kellie Conolly, Olivia Ansell, Catherine Edwards, Brian Lynch, Katie Pianoff and Julie Wells.

Classes in RAD Syllabus, Open Classical Classes, Boys Classes, Limber Stretch and Conditioning and repertoire.

Enrolment Form here: TPCCA Senior Summer School 2015


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