Part time Academy

The Tanya Pearson Part Time Academy offers elite level level classical ballet training for students of all ages from Tiny Tots through to Adults. The Academy is renowned for its long history of excellence in classical ballet training, founded by Tanya Pearson OAM in 1971.

The Part Time Academy prides itself on its experienced and professional teaching staff, headed by Marie Walton Mahon ARAD RAD RTS, one of Australia’s most respected teachers, examiners and teacher trainers.The teaching and administration staff are committed maintaining a positive learning environment that fosters self-worth and respect for others. Our focus is to increase student engagement which encourages learning and helps students develop the personal qualities needed to become individuals who value high levels of achievement.

The Part Time classical ballet programme provides the necessary foundation training and coaching to support students who may wish to progress to full time classical ballet training as well as supporting those students who simply wish to achieve their personal best and gain the most out of their classical ballet training, in a positive learning environment.Whilst the focus is on solid and excellent classical ballet training,  the Academy also offers classes in contemporary, repertoire, character, plaits and Progressing Ballet Technique*.

All students supported through their Royal Academy of Dance examinations (from Primary through to Solo Seal level). All TPCCA students have the opportunity to perform in the annual Academy Concert alongside the students of the elite TPCCA Full Time Academy. Part Time students also have the opportunity at times to perform with The Sydney City Youth Ballet Academy under the direction of Lucinda Dunn OAM.

All students are regularly assessed and closely monitored in terms of their progress, development and achievement of their goals.

All new students are required to book in to a Pre Enrolment Assessment or Audition to determine their suitability for the program and appropriate level for commencement. Assessments traditionally take place prior to the commencement of Term 1.

Assessments for Term 1 2018 will take place on the following dates:

Thu 18 January 3.30-4.30pm – all Grade Levels (Primary to Grade 5)
Tue 23 January 4.00-5.00pm – all Vocational Levels
Thu 25 January 4.00-5.00pm – all Vocational Levels

In exceptional circumstances students may be assessed through the year for enrolment. Please inquire at [email protected] re assessments.

The Part Time Academy structure:

Part Time Junior School (Tiny Tots to Grades 3)

Tiny Tots ballet for young dancers 2.5-5yrs; RAD Pre Primary, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 ballet; Contemporary Dance.

Part Time Senior School(Grades 4-5)


RAD Grades 4 and 5; Progressing Ballet Technique & Stretch; Jazz Dance; Contemporary Dance; Character Dance; Open Classes.

Part Time Senior School (Vocational Levels)


RAD Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced I, Advanced II); Progressing Ballet Technique & Stretch – Intermediate and Advanced Levels; Contemporary Dance; Character Dance; Variations & Repertoire Class; Pointe Technique Classes; Open Ballet Class; Pilates; Jazz Class; Boys Coaching.

Junior Transition Programme

The Junior Transition Programme (JTP) is for students approximately 10-12years (or Grades 5 to Intermediate Foundation) who demonstrate a very high level of skill and potential in classical ballet.  The course provides accelerate ballet training to enable these students to reach their full potential, laying the foundations for the Senior Transition Programme and potential entrance into a Full Time Classical Ballet programme.  The program will be limited to approximately 10-12 students at any one time.

Upon completion of 1 or two years of the Junior Transition programme (depending on age and development), students will be invited to audition for the Senior Transition programme. Entrance into the Senior Transition Programme is not guaranteed.

Junior Transition Schedule (Fridays):

4.15-5.45pm Classical Class    Lucinda Dunn/Catherine Edwards

5.45-6.30pm Coaching Class  Lucinda Dunn/Catherine Edwards

Only students currently enrolled in the Tanya Pearson Academy Part Time Programme are eligible for the Junior Transition Program. Entrance into the JTP is by invitation only.

Senior Transition Programme

This Senior Transition Course provides the opportunity for a young talented students to undertake training and coaching with our esteemed Full Time faculty, under the direction of Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn. It is designed to expose young dancers who demonstrate talent and potential for classical ballet, to the rigours of full time training whilst being sensitive to the students age, growing bodies as well as the importance of maintaining their regular academic studies.

The Transition course is offered after school hours (Wednesdays) and encompasses Classical Technique Classes, Pointe Classes, Contemporary and Boys Coaching. The Transition programme is designed as a full year program, however younger students may be required to attend 2 years of the Transition program before being eligible to audition for the Full Time Course.Transition Students are formally assessed twice a year by Artistic Director Lucinda Dunn and the Transition Course faculty. Students are marked on their progress and achievement in the following areas: Classical Technique, Contemporary Technique, Pointe Work (girls), Contemporary. In addition, students are assessed and graded on their physical condition, artistry, flexibility, turnout and use of it. Students are graded from 1-5 in each of these areas and a formal assessment report is provided to students.

Transition Students have the opportunity to attend Full Time classes from time to time throughout the year. Transition Students are offered the opportunity to feature in the annual Academy Concert as well as invited to perform with the Academy’s Full Time students in the Sydney City Youth Ballet annual productions.

The Senior Transition Programme is in addition to the students regular syllabus and part time classes (which may be undertaken at the Tanya Pearson Part Time Academy or elsewhere).

The Schedule (Wednesdays):

4.30-6.00pm Classical Class (L.DunnG.OConnell)

6.00-6.45pm Pointe Class (L.Dunn/G.OConnell)

6.00-6.45pm Boys Coaching (A.Blanch)

7.00-8.15pm Contemporary Class (A.Blanch/J.Clark Mitchell)

Students are accepted into the Senior Transition Programme by Audition Only. Students currently training at other Academies may register for our Senior Transition Programme. Please email [email protected] for further information.